1. Pets seen

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Ferrets
  • Birds
  • Guinea Pigs, Gerbils or other small furries.

Appointments are available with our vets from Monday to Saturday. At each consultation we will listen to your concerns, examine your pet and try to find a solution. We have a wide range of medicines available that we can use to treat your pet.

We ask you to keep dogs on a collar and lead in the waiting area whilst cats and other small animals must be in a secure basket at all times.

Nervous animals may be left in the car until the veterinary surgeon is ready for your appointment. A separate cat only waiting area is available also.

2. Operations

As well as neutering we also do many other surgeries at the clinic including stitching wounds and removing tumours. At Coolcower Veterinary Clinic we have modern surgical facilities & use human grade gaseous anaesthesia during surgery.

Routine surgery is carried out on weekdays and animals are usually admitted at the beginning of the day and sent home in the afternoon or early evening. Before you entrust your pet to our care you will be fully briefed on the surgery involved and what is required at home before and after.

On admission animals are checked and given pre-medication to assist them to settle before their operation which is normally carried out later in the morning. We do require your consent in writing and any final queries about the procedure can be answered at this time. You will be contacted after the procedure with a progress report and to arrange a time for collection.

3. Microchipping


Microchipping is a simple and permanent method of identifying your pet. If they are lost or wander they can be easily identified by the microchip and can be reunited with you.

4. Pet Passports

If you are bringing your pet on holidays, we can help you with passport application. This involves your pet getting a general health check, microchip and Rabies vaccination.

Contact us for further details on how and when to apply for a passport if you intend on traveling.

5. Die



Diet is the single most important component of good health. The best food brands source the highest quality ingredients, free of toxins, and produced to the highest quality standards. We stock Royal Canin and Callibre pet foods

We have a digital weighing machine in the waiting area to accurately weigh your pet. If your pet needs to loose some weight we can advise you on a weight management programme including low fat food and regular weight checks.

Many pets suffer from bad teeth and gums which can be very painful. At each visit we will examine your pet�s teeth and gums. We may recommend they need their teeth descaled and polished.

6. Emergencies


Emergencies are always dealt with promptly. Please phone ahead so we can expect you. If you have an emergency outside of our normal opening hours please phone the vet on call on 026 41091.