We recommend health insurance for all pets. It allows you peace of mind and allows you to avail of the best veterinary treatments for any unexpected injury or illness that happens to your pet.

In an average year one pet in three will require veterinary treatment for some form of illness or accident. With the cost of diagnosis and treatment rising, pet insurance has never been more relevant.

Although we tend to think of broken bones after road traffic accidents as the main reason for pet insurance, many medical conditions such as skin infections, ear disease, kidney disease and heart disease can also be very costly to treat.

With the appropriate pet insurance we can hopefully ensure that decisions regarding the best course of treatment for your pet can be made on the basis of need rather than cost.

Pet insurance covers referral of your pet to centres of excellence such as the Veterinary School at University College Dublin or Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital should your pet require it.

Pet insurance also provides cover for third party liability should you be held liable for damage or injury caused by your pet.

Talk to us today about the benefits of health insurance for your pet.