Microchipping is a quick, easy and permanent means of identifying your cat for life.

Microchipping your cat means they are easily identified if they are lost and therefore we can contact you and reunite you and your cat.

We insert the microchip by needle under your cat�s skin. We then register both you and your cat�s details with a 24 hour manned database .This database is dedicated to providing re-unification facilities for animal shelters, local authority pounds, veterinary surgeons, gardai and most importantly you, the owner.

If your cat is lost or wanders they are usually passed to the Pound, local Vet or animal rescue centres e.g. KSPCA, PAWS etc.

These organisations have scanners which read the microchip number. They then go to the database and retrieve your information and can contact you to reunite you and your cat.

Please contact us and we can arrange for your cat to be microchipped, it only takes a few minutes.