Fleas, mites, lice and ticks are the most common of all parasites found on your cat�s skin. Fleas can cause intense itching leading to a rash, inflammation and hair loss.

To prevent your cat getting them and to treat them if they pick them up, we recommend you use a �spot on� treatments called Advocate or Advantage .It is applied to you cat�s skin at the back of the neck and is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.

We recommend that this spot on treatment is applied every month to your cat.

For every one flea you see on your cat there will be up to 100 flea eggs and larvae in your home.

Adult fleas lay up to 50 eggs on your cat, these roll off your cat and onto floors, carpets, rugs and your pets bedding.

In a few days these eggs hatch into flea larvae. These larvae dislike light and crawl into corners. These larvae hatch into adult fleas and jump back onto your cat and cause more problems.

To eliminate the flea eggs and larvae from your house we recommend the following:

  • Hovering your home, this includes rugs, carpets, floors, couches and chairs.

  • Your cat�s bedding could be harbouring many flea eggs and larvae. We would advise you to change your cat�s bedding.

  • Unfortunately hovering will only remove 50% of flea eggs and larvae. To kill all the remaining eggs and larvae we recommend you spray your house with a specific household flea spray. This spray kills the fleas present in the house and prevents exiting eggs and larvae from becoming adult fleas. This spray is safe for you, your family, your home and your cats.

Please let us advise you on how to use it.


These parasites are so small we need a microscope to see them.

Ear Mites can cause intense irritation in you cat�s ears.

Skin mites can cause a severe rash and hair loss.

Advocate spot-on  applied to your cat every month will prevent and treat these mites.


Lice live on the skin and hair of your cat. There are 2 forms of lice.

  1. Biting lice.

  2. Sucking lice.

Lice cause a mild rash but can lead to poor coat condition and hair loss in your cat.

Monthly treatments with Advocate spot-on will treat lice in your cat.


If you find a strange lump stuck to your cat�s skin it could be a tick. Dogs and cats pick them up in woods and grassland.

Once attached to the skin, ticks feed on your cat�s blood. As they gorge themselves on blood they swell to coffee bean size.

Ticks can cause 2 problems:

Firstly by causing a reaction where they are attached to the skin and secondly by transmitting serious blood bourne diseases such as babesisosis and lyme disease.

If you see one on your cat don�t ignore it or try to pull it off. Contact us and we will remove them for you.

Please let us advise you on the best form of treatment and control for these parasites.