How much should I feed my dog?

This depends on the type of food used. All pet foods should have recommended feeding guidelines on the back.

Feeding your dog the correct diet is very important for their health.

The amount fed to your pet is based on their breed,age and lifestyle.

How often should I feed my dog?

Puppies of 8 weeks of age should be fed 4 small meals per day.

Puppies between 2 and 6 months old need 3 meals per day.

Puppies over 6 months and adult dogs should be fed twice daily.

Puppies grow very rapidly and therefore need to be fed a complete and balanced puppy food to meet there nutritional requirements. Once your puppy has reached their adult weight they can be changed onto an adult diet.

How do I change my dog�s diet?

When changing a dog�s diet it should be done gradually over a period of 4 days. Gradually introduce the new food to the original food and over the following days increase the amount of new food while reducing the original food.

Do I need to give my dog water?


All animals should have a bowl of fresh drinking water available to them at all times.

Should I feed my pet wet food (e.g. cans or pouches) or dry food?

We recommend that dogs should be fed on dry food or nuts.

Wet food contains a high water content and also higher fat content. The fat content can lead to obesity in later life.

Wet food sticks to your dog�s teeth and overtime can lead to tartar, plaque, gum disease, bad breath and loss of teeth.

This is a major problem with small dogs e.g. Yorkies, Westies, Jack Russell�s and King Charles.

Dry dog food is better for your dog�s health and is more convenient for owners.

The crunching action when chewing the nuts helps prevent tartar and gum disease.

If your dog is slow to eat dry food some canned food can be added to increase palatability, but it is important that the food is not too wet.

Dry dog food should not be soaked. If it is soaked it encourages bacteria to grow in the food which leads to problems such as diarrhoea.

Please let us advise you on the best food for your pet.