Xray facilities

1. X-ray

We have a modern Xray unit which is an invaluable tool in the diagnosis of many

different conditions or for if your pet has a broken bone or has been in an accident.

2. Car Parking

Our premises is very easily accessibly with plenty car parking and a large spacious open waiting room.

3. Hospitalisation

The clinic has many stainless steel kennels to provide clean and comfortable accommodation. There are  larger walk in kennels for longer stay or larger dogs. We also have separate dedicated cat kennels separate  to en

sure a stress free hospitalization for your cat.

4. Operating Theatre

We employ the highest quality of human-grade gaseous

anaesthetic agents.Our highly-trained staff and monitoring equipment carefully monitor all of our surgical procedures. No anaesthetic is considered routine.

5. Laboratory

Microscopy - For in-house analysis of skin scrapes, hair plucks, blood smears, vaginal smears and fluid samples. A definitive diagnosis on-site leads to prompt treatment.

Blood sampling- Full range of tests available with pathologists report.

6. Records

Coolcower clinic is fully computerised which allows for easy and accurate records to be kept.