Why does my pet need vaccinations?

If your pet is not vaccinated it may pick up an infectious disease that can make it very sick and may lead to its death.

When can my puppy start the vaccinations?

Vaccinations can start as early as 6 weeks old.

What does the vaccine protect my pet against?

The vaccination will protect your pet against the following serious diseases.

  1. Distemper

  2. Leptospirosis

  3. Parvo Virus

  4. Parafluenza Virus

  5. Infectious Hepatitis.

  6. Adenovirus.

How many injections does my puppy need?

Your puppy needs 2 vaccinations 2 to 4 weeks apart depending on your puppy�s age, the vet will advise you as to when these vaccinations are due.

When can my puppy go outside?

One week after the second vaccination.

Does my petneed any other vaccinations after the puppy vaccinations?

Yes. The protection your pet receives from the puppy vaccinations does not last all its life.

Your pet needs an annual booster vaccination to prevent it picking up these diseases and to keep your pet healthy.


We also recommend that all dogs receive an annual canine cough vaccination. Canine cough, previously called kennel cough, is caused by 2 viruses and a bacteria. Canine cough can be picked up anywhere dogs meet, not just at the kennels. Dogs can pick it up out on walks, in the park, at pet shows, anywhere dogs meet.