Pets unlike their owners frequently suffer from dental problems without showing any obvious outward signs of pain.

Studies show that 85% of dogs and over 3 years of age show signs of dental disease.

A healthy mouth is vital for good general health.

A typical healthy mouth has strong white teeth and healthy pink gums.

What are the signs of dental problems?

  1. Bad breath.

  2. Yellow or brown teeth.

  3. Inflamed, red or sore gums.

  4. Excessive drooling.

  5. Difficulty eating or loss of appetite.

  6. Loss of teeth.

What causes Dental problems?

After each meal plaque and bacteria form on your pet�s teeth.  If plaque bacteria are allowed to accumulate it can lead to inflammation of your pet�s gums called gingivitis.

Gradually minerals from saliva precipitate into the plaque to form tartar which is usually brown or yellow in colour.

Gingivitis is reversible with descaling and polishing.

However if left untreated the inflammation spreads below the gums leading to abscesses and tooth loss. This is called Periodontal Disease.

In the worst cases the bacteria enter the bloodstream damaging other organs in your pet�s body such as the heart and kidneys.

How can I protect my pet from dental disease? 


  1. If your pet has bad breath or any of the other signs of dental disease please come in and see us for a check up. Gingivitis and very early stages of periodontal disease are treatable with descaling and polishing.

  2. Diet: we recommend that all pets are fed dry food. The crunching action when chewing prevents plaque and tartar build up.Try to avoid sweet or soft sticky foods. Dental chews help maintain your pets teeth and gums.

  3. Dental hygiene products such as Logic Oral Hygiene gel contain enzymes which control the bacteria responsible for the development of plaque and tartar.

If you think your pet may have problems with their teeth or gums, give us a ring to arrange an appointment.